Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Anyone Know What This Is?

I have these crazy little bumps/rash thing on my dominate right hand (mostly on my middle finger, index finger and thumb). They seem to be deep below the surface of the skin. Some, like the one pictured on my index finger (last picture), started off as about the size of a pinprick and is now the size of an O in Arial 11pt font. I have this cluster of purple and dark red pinprick size dots deep beneath the skin on the underside of my middle finger (first and last picture). I have a similar cluster on the topside of my middle finger near the base of the nail (second picture) except the entire area seems to have taken on a dark red/purplish color and has swelled up. I just had one show up today that looks a lot like a blister (third picture) but it isn't filled with air or liquid like a blister..not to mention my fingers haven't experience any trauma that would cause such a blister.

I started seeing this stuff appear at the beginning of December and it doesn't seem to be getting any better. It is very sensitive to the touch-it's hard to write or use a scissors because any pressure is quite painful. It's a stinging, painful sensation, similar to the pain of a sliver and blister combined. I couldn't find any splinters (I used a steriled needle and tweasers) and I wasn't able to release any air or pus or anything so I don't think they are blisters. I also tried some wart removal treatments but they didn't work either.

If anybody can recognize this, I would really appreciate your thoughts. Thanks much!